Professional Work

FoxTales PhotoBooth

FoxTales is a Experiential Marketing startup centered on shareable photo experiences. I introduced the use of After Effects to speed up workflow and efficiency.

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All About Organization

FoxTales works with clients every step of the way and allows changes a few hours before an event so all files had to be organized and built in a way that you could quickly update the animation.

Qmee Motion Graphic Update

Qmee Updated Motion Graphic

Client came to me with a motion graphic created by another agency that they wanted to update titled "Client Video". They wanted to use the same soundtrack and timing while editing out some audio and adding new pigs.


Hurley Parallax Motion Graphic

Motion graphic created and displayed in Huntington Surf & Sport in Huntington Beach, CA.
The process required an image to be separated out into layers in photoshop then warped and animated in AE.


Student Work

Motion 1 & 2 projects from Dan's classes at LCAD